What do you pack during a move?

As the number one choice for people who are moving house in the Chelmsford area, customers regularly ask us what they should be taking with them when they move to a new home. These questions usually focus on what does and what does not constitute as fittings and fixtures in a house. Most people want to avoid inadvertently removing something they were not entitled to. While we’ll always do our best to advise our customers, there isn’t really a clear cut or straightforward answer.

We are not in a position to offer legal advice on this or any other matter. The general consensus, however, is that fixtures such as light fitments, radiators, boilers, bathroom suites and kitchen units will generally be left behind when you move, as removing them could have a huge impact on the value of the property. However, items such as free-standing kitchen appliances and items of furniture, TV aerials and curtains will generally be taken.

Knowing what you should and should not take with you when you move home is not something that has a clearly defined legal answer; it’s usually a matter of common sense. In our experience, a conversation between the buyer and the seller usually leads to an amicable and straightforward solution. Whether the conversation happens directly or through the estate agent will depend on the existing buyer-seller relationship, but it’s a conversation that should happen, particularly if the sales agreement made no direct mention.

As for our services, we will always pack up and move everything that you advise us to. Before the actual move takes place, we would always suggest you establish a clear understanding between yourself and the buyer about what will be removed and what will stay behind. This will help to avoid misunderstandings and ensure everyone has the same expectations.

Our services are dedicated to making sure your furniture and belongings are moved safely and professionally with you to your new home. As part of this service, we’re always happy to help you find the answer to questions you have about your move.

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