Temporary Storage Solutions For Christmas 2020

There is no denying that Christmas 2020 is going to be very different for some people. For many, Christmas is a time for seeing family, enjoying time with friends and travelling up and down the country. This year, however, our festivities will be tapered somewhat as we find ourselves limited to our family and support bubbles. As such, it is expected that more people will choose to stay within their bubbles for the holidays meaning those spare rooms and sofas will become home to your new guests for the festive period.

How TFM’s storage service can help

TFM offers temporary, short-term storage solutions, which means we can collect your items, store them safely and securely for a few days or even a few weeks if required, and return them to your home safe and sound whenever you need them.

Return the home office back to a spare bedroom

Lockdowns in the UK have forced many people to work from home, which has resulted in a huge increase in the number of spare bedrooms being converted into temporary offices. Over the months, these rooms have seen the addition of a desk, office chairs, files, and sometimes even stock, as well as the fancy shelving full of books and additional lighting used to make a professional background for video calls.

Using temporary storage, you can reclaim your spare bedroom and use it for its original purpose, as a comfortable, spacious and restful space during the holidays, without asking guests to use your desk as a wardrobe.

Make room for the chairs

Big family get-togethers require a lot of chairs, and Christmas time can often see people sitting on garden chairs, perched on music stools or sinking into beanbags. Whilst we can’t help you with the chair situation, we can give you the space needed to seat everyone this Christmas. The TFM team can collect those items that might get in the way and provide that additional bit of space for all the extra bums at the table. Over the years, we have helped families store foosball tables, pianos, desks, ornaments and even entire cabinets ahead of family gatherings. 

So this Christmas, instead of squishing everything into a tiny attic or garage, let us do the heavy lifting (literally!) and collect your space-hogging furniture, store them for as long as you need, and deliver them back safely when you’re ready. Please note, we cannot store family members…

Hide the clutter

Whether you have taken up pottery, model making or turned your dining room into your own personal art studio, hobbies can take up space. Now is the time to show off your masterpieces but store your ‘learning projects’. Enjoy a clutter free Christmas this year and prepare your house for a more spacious and organised family get-together. TFM will pick up your items, no matter how glittery or unfinished,  store them for a little or as long as you need them, then drop them back in 2021, when we are all hoping for a happier New Year. Contact TFM’s Storage Team today and let us help you keep a clear head and a clear home this Christmas.