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Bedside Cabinet
Carver Dining Chair
Chest of Drawers
Corner Sofa
Double Bed
Kitchen Appliance
Kitchen Appliance (Large)
Lawn Mower
Office Chair
Outside/Dining Table
Pair Dining Chairs
Single Bed
Surfboard/Ski Bag
TV Flat Screen
Wall unit large
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To supply and deliver new boxes for customer to pack into, collect boxes when filled plus any additional items and deliver to store.

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To re deliver all goods in store to any local address.


Pick up and delivery price assumes good parking outside of address, ground and first floor and customer to assist driver with any item over 30kg. TFM can supply additional labour or collect from any floor or deliver to any worldwide address – price on application. A full inventory will be taken of your goods, insurance up to £5k included free of charge.
This Service is Only Operating in CM0, CM1, CM2, CM3 and CM9 postcodes.

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