We offer a comprehensive range of packing materials for sale at our yard in Burnham on Crouch. We suggest you phone prior to collection to ensure a member of staff with access to the materials is available. We can offer free delivery to Burnham on Crouch, Southminster, Althorne, Mayland, North Fambridge and South Woodham Ferrers for orders over £50 plus VAT.

Prices below include VAT at 20%.

Small Carton - £1.70 each

(350mm x 350mm x 470mm)

Strong double walled box suitable for books, archived paperbacks or files, wine or bottles of drink and many heavy items. Flat packed and re-usable.

Large Carton - £2.40 each

(470mm x 470mm x 530mm)

Strong double walled box suitable for china, glass and larger (not too heavy) items. Flat packed and re-usable.

Bedding Bags - £0.70 per bag

(1500mm x 920mm)

Very strong, large and clear they are the professional alternative to black bin bags.

Stretch Film - £7.70 per roll

(400mm x 300mm roll)

A product to give the truly professional finish to your DIY removal or self storage. Stretch film can be used to consolidate all loose parts of a dismantled item of furniture or secure and form a blanket around your furniture.

Cloth Professional Transit Blankets - £3.20 per blanket

(1500mm x 2000mm)

A superior quality washable blanket as used by all professional removals companies. The best option to protect your furniture during DIY removals.

Paper Transit Blankets - £1.40 per blanket

(1800mm x 1050mm)

An excellent quality 4 ply paper blanket to protect your furniture during a DIY removal or self storage.

Garment Carriers - £10.30 each

Protect your clothes during transit or storage in a sturdy box with cut out carrying handles. Metal hanging rail is included. Keeps all of your clothes hanging nicely and costs less than having one suit dry cleaned.

Mattress Bags - £1.40 per single or £2.10 per double

(single or double)

Protect your mattress during DIY removal or self storage. A double mattress bag will accommodate double or king size mattresses.

Polystyrene Void Filler - £22.40 per bag

(15cu ft bag)

Perfect material for filling voids in china and glass boxes. Pour into cartons to protect contents. Correctly used will be sufficient for 20-25 large boxes of china, glass or fragile items.

Bubble Wrap – Large Roll - £37.20 per roll

(1.5m x 75m)

Superior quality bubble wrap for wrapping and protecting delicate items. This 75m roll is a bargain.

Bubble Wrap – Small Roll - £7.50 per roll

(300mm x 75m)

Superior quality bubble wrap for wrapping and protecting delicate items. This 75m roll is a bargain.

Wrapping Paper - £5.20 per pack

(5x 500mm x 750mm)

A pack of white paper, suitable for wrapping china, glass and most items requiring protection prior to boxing them up.

Packaging Tape - £1.02 per roll

(48mm x 66m)

Low noise. Clear or buff tape. Essential for DIY removals.

Our Professional Packing Service

We can provide a fully trained packing crew the day before your move to pack all or part of your home. Essential items are generally left until the morning of the move, so there'll be minimal disruption to your daily routine. Cartons will be clearly marked with their contents and destination room. All packing materials are included in the estimate and your items will be fully insured for total peace of mind.


Why Use Our Expert Packing Service?

TFM Removals offer a complete packing service, ensuring all your belongings are prepared in the most professional manner.

Safe and Secure Packaging for Your Move

Packing items safely and securely is important with every single move, whether you are travelling a short distance or moving overseas to a new country. You should never assume that just because it is only a short trip that items will be safe. Any road can have bumps and potholes that could jostle items when driven over. If possessions are not properly packed they may be damaged as a result.

At TFM Removals we have the skills to pack all kinds of items before a big move. We can provide the packing materials ourselves, ensuring the right ones are used to maximise protection. Additionally we have the knowledge and experience to ensure every single item is protected, from small delicate sculptures and vases to larger furnishings.

Removal Packaging & Protection for Large Items

Larger items tend to be the most likely to be left unpacked due to their size. Sadly failing to do this can leave them at risk of getting scuffed, scratched and dented.

Everything from kitchen appliances to wardrobes can be wrapped in various materials, including card, plastic shrink wrap and covered in removal blankets to protect them.

Our materials also offer protection against the elements when the items are out in the open during loading and unloading.

Packing your Items for Maximum Safety

The best thing to do in this case is use packing materials such as void filler to take up the extra space. This will ensure the box retains its shape without adding too much to the weight. The filler can even be used to suspend items, keeping them very well protected.

It is surprisingly easy to fall into the overloading trap. One thing we do to avoid it is keep an eye on the weight as we pack. That way we can ensure that boxes are still light enough to carry and not likely to cause injury or collapse under the weight. If a box is getting too heavy we will either separate the items out or take up the additional space with lighter items or filler.

You can be sure when moving with TFM we’ll do all we can to ensure your possessions are packed in the best possible way.

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Our Top Packing Tips

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