The Definitive Guide to Premium Storage

Moving from one house to another isn’t always as simple as it should be. Quite often storage is required, whether it be that you have not found a new house yet and your buyer is applying pressure or that you are having work done to a newly purchased property. The reasons you may need to use storage services are endless. At first it may seem daunting or you may assume it will add fortunes onto your removal costs – this is simply not the case.

Our premium storage service is so efficient that the costs and inconveniences really are negligible in the grand scheme of things. The container(s) that your goods will be stored in is brought to your current home and loaded right outside, it is then sealed and stored for as long as you require. This same container is then brought along to your new home (with that all-important seal still intact) and the goods are unloaded straight into your new home.

Your items are only handled the same amount of times as a they would be on a ‘normal’ removal – twice.

Check out our simple six step guide to how our premium storage works to find out everything you need to know and watch our handy video to really get a feel for the system.

Step One – Get a Written Quotation

Contact TFM and arrange for one of our estimators to come and visit, they will have a look around the house with you and discuss your options, whilst giving you more information about how the system works. He will then go away and work out a quotation, which you will get in writing.

The quote will include everything, insurance, packing materials, collection, storage charges, delivery charges – there are no hidden charges.

Step Two – Book the Removal into Storage

Once you have decided on the date you can book, if you are reliant on an exchange of contracts we recommend you wait until this has happened to book, but the joy of storage is you do not need to move on your completion day. We highly recommend you have your goods collected the day before, or even two days before, it means our staff have a whole day to really look after your goods and you will have time after to clean and sort.

Step Three – The Storage Container Comes to You

On the day of your removal into storage, our specialist vehicle will bring the container to you, it is loaded right outside your door. The guys will wrap each and every item of furniture and carefully load it into the vehicle. All our vehicles are fully ramped making the job even easier for our guys.

Step Four – The Container is Sealed. Under Your Supervision

When we have loaded your whole home into the container(s), we seal them. These are the same seals customs use for containers being shipped all over the world – so they are secure! Each one has a unique number on it and the number is recorded. All of this is, or course, witnessed by you.

Step Five – The Container is Held at Our Yard

The container is then taken back to a TFM yard, where one of our forklifts or cranes carefully take it from the lorry into ‘the stack’. Our stack of containers usually has somewhere around 300 containers in and the yard is covered by security, CCTV, motion detectors and high security fences. Our storage facilities are one of the largest and most secure in the area and your goods can stay with us for as long as you’d like them to, some people store with us for days, some for years.

Step Six – We Re-deliver to Your New Home.

When you’ve finally finished the work, or found the right house we will re-deliver. The same container is loaded onto a lorry and brought to your new place. The seal will still be intact and it will only then be broken, in front of your very eyes – this gives you complete peace of mind; nobody else can have accessed your goods whilst we have been storing them.

Our guys then unwrap each piece of furniture and carefully place it in the correct places, ready for you to enjoy your new home.

For more information about our premium storage solutions, just give us a call on 0800 907 8484, email us at [email protected], or get in touch via our contact page.