Exclusive Shipping Containers to Canada

When moving to Canada, most people use an exclusive 20 or 40 foot shipping container to move their entire home. At TFM, we will send our own staff to pack and export wrap your belongings – we will never use subcontractors.

We will your goods into a container, which will then be sealed, and complete a full numbered inventory. Your container will be loaded onto a ship, and we will give you a specific arrival date. Our agent will deal with customs and immigration procedures and give you a date of delivery to your new home.

When sending your household goods to Canada, we can securely load your car in the same container for you, ready to collect from our agent at the port. Please give us a call on 0800 907 8484 to arrange for an estimator to visit you to discuss your move and give you a written quotation for door-to-door delivery. Our quotation will be detailed and include all charges, and we offer comprehensive insurance.

We can also store your goods before shipping if required. If you think you’ll need storage, UK storage will work out cheaper than storage in Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions