Secure, Clean and Dry Storage Containers Loaded at Your Home.

The container in which your possessions will be stored is physically brought to your door on one of our purpose-built, fully ramped lorries. Everything is loaded carefully into the container by our friendly, efficient and professional team – your possessions are NOT removed, touched or handled in any way at the depot. You witness the container being locked and sealed once it has been loaded. This seal is not broken until your container arrives at your new destination for our staff to unload.

Best Quality Service and Best Price for Collection, Storage and Redelivery

Using TFM’s Premium Storage we only handle your possessions twice: once into the storage container and once when we deliver to your new home or office, reducing any risk of damage significantly. Our storage estimate includes all cartons, packing and protective materials. Every item of furniture is wrapped and every mattress is bagged.

Our steel storage containers (that we buy new) offer the most secure storage system, reduce the risk of fire to almost zero, are dry, clean and vermin free and will give you absolute peace of mind during the time your goods are in store. All of our team are full-time employees, experienced, friendly and professional.

Written Estimate with Fixed Price for Collection, Storage and Redelivery.

Our storage quotation (based on what you show our estimator) will give you a fixed cost for collection of your goods, storage and re-delivery. If we make a mistake it is our problem. Our storage quotation includes insurance cover during collection, storage and delivery. There are no additional or hidden costs.

We have made our storage system as efficient as we think is possible. We’re confident that we will be competitive against any like-for-like quotation. Our estimate includes collection, storage and re-delivery. You know exactly what your total costs will be.

Frequently Asked Questions