Premium Storage or Self Storage?

Sometimes we forget that not everyone lives and breathes removals and storage like we do at TFM, and we scratch our heads when people ask “what’s the difference between self storage and your premium storage” because, to us, it’s obvious that they’re totally different.

This guide should answer that ever-popular question. The following points are what we believe are the main differences between the two, and should help you decide which is best for you.


Our self storage facility is only available at Burnham-on-Crouch and the containers never leave the site. This means that unless you’re located in the Dengie, or the surrounding areas, our self storage solution is probably not for you.

Our premium storage service, however, is used by people all over the South East, this is because the container comes to you. We regularly collect goods to be stored from all over Essex, North Kent and East London.

DIY Removal or Have Us Do the Lifting?

Our self storage containers are static in our yard, all on the ground floor for easy and immediate access. You will need to hire a van and shuttle the goods there yourself (or you can use our man and van service to assist you), it is then down to you to wrap and load the goods into your container, and lock it with your own padlock.

On the other hand, our premium service takes this hard work out of the equation. We bring the storage container to your home and the TFM staff load it for you, wrapping each and every piece of furniture and expertly loading it in the most space-efficient manner. The container is then sealed, with a uniquely numbered customs seal, which will still be intact when it is re-delivered. Please read our definitive guide to premium storage for more information.


Our self storage yard is open between 0800–1700 Monday to Friday and 0800–1400 on Saturdays, and during these times you can access your container as many times as you please. Whereas with our premium storage service your container will be sealed and stacked maybe even three high; therefore, we recommend you do not access a premium storage container as the charges can add up. This storage is much more suited to non-everyday items that can be stored on more of a long term basis.

Professional Packing Materials

Our premium storage containers contain hundreds of professional grade removal blankets and ties and our quote will include the supply of the highest quality removal cartons, tape, hanging garment boxes, wrapping paper or even more specialist wrapping and packing materials. A self storage container on the other hand is simply a container – no materials are included in the price. Please see our Packing Materials page where you can buy these specialist materials.


By now you will have realised just how different these two services are, and of course, this does mean they cost different amounts, our self storage is cheaper, although you will be taking on a lot more of the work yourself. Give us a call and we can give you an idea of cost for both services.

For more information about both of our secure storage options, just give us a call on 0800 907 8484, email us at [email protected], or contact us via our website.