How To Pack Like A Pro

When prepping your belongings for a house move or storage, it can be tempting to chuck everything in a box and be done with it; especially when time is of the essence. However, being organised and using the right packing materials ensures all your items are kept safe and protected from damage — saving you time and money further down the line.

Since we like to make things easy for you, TFM can provide all the packing materials you need for a house move, long-term, or short-term storage. Here’s a comprehensive list of all the materials we offer and how to use them.

Moving Boxes

Great for keeping smaller items protected and organised, the best moving boxes are sturdy and reusable (great for the environment and your bank account!). Both our small and larger boxes have double reinforced walls to safeguard against collapse and can be folded down, stored, and used again in the future.

What’s it best for? Books, documents, bottles, glassware, china, miscellaneous items

Stretch Film

Stretch film is an excellent option for wrapping and keeping together all the different pieces of flatpack furniture. It can also be used to secure drawers and furniture doors, or as a final protective layer to prevent scratching and chipping. Stretch film only sticks to itself so it won’t damage your belongings or leave any residue.

What’s it best for? Furniture

Bubble Wrap and Wrapping Paper

If you have delicate items in your packing cartons, bubble wrap is an absolute must. Moisture-resistant and shock absorbing, bubble wrap prevents breakable items from cracking or smashing. If you have any fine china or glass pieces that might react to plastic, we also supply wrapping paper.

What’s it best for? Glass, china, mirrors, and other breakable items

Polystyrene Void Filler

Alongside bubble or paper wrapping, polystyrene void filler can be poured into glass and china containers to provide reinforcement and prevent them from breaking. Just one of our bags is enough to protect 20-25 large boxes of breakable items.

What’s it best for? Glasses, mugs, jugs, vases, flowerpots, glass appliances

Bedding and Mattress Bags

When unpacking your belongings, the last thing you want to do is rewash all of your bedding before you can make your bed (and collapse into it!). Our large, strong bags keep your bedding clean and dry while on the move or in storage. We also provide single and double-sized mattress bags (the double bag fits up to a king size mattress).

What’s it best for? Mattresses, duvets, pillows, sheets, blankets, throws, cushions

Transit Blankets

When packing your furniture into a moving vehicle, transit blankets provide an important barrier that prevents pieces rubbing together, scratching each other, or causing other types of damage. We can provide strong, 4-ply paper blankets or high-quality washable blankets that can be reused.

What’s it best for? Furniture, large items

Garment Carriers

Packing your clothes into various suitcases and holdalls can be a nightmare — especially when it comes to unpacking and ironing everything afterwards. Garment carriers make the whole process so much easier; simply move your clothes from your wardrobe into the carrier on their existing hangers — and straight into your new wardrobe on the other side!

What’s it best for? Clothes

Packaging Tape

Last but very much not least, we also provide low-noise clear or buff packaging tape that can be used as a strong seal on your moving boxes, to bundle things together, or to close up gaps in electronic devices or other items against dust, moisture, and debris.

What’s it best for? Everything!

In a Rush? Let Us Pack for You!

All of our high-end packing materials are available to purchase for your own moves or come standard as part of our moving service. Pushed for time or struggle with the physical side of packing and lifting? Let us do all the hard work for you with our professional, fully-insured packing service.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you pack, move, and store your items safely or browse our packing materials list to find everything you need for moving day.