How to Store Your Valuables

Whether you want to keep expensive furniture protected during renovations, safely store jewellery or other high-value items while travelling, or safeguard priceless family heirlooms, storing your valuables in a safe and secure way, and keeping them out of harm’s way is essential.

Of course, your valuables are only as safe as the storage facility you keep them in. Choosing the right storage service ensures your important belongings are protected from damage and theft.

Here’s how to store the most valuable items in your home, and what you should look out for when choosing your storage company.

How to store your…


  • Keep it dry. Precious metals kept in a damp or humid environment can tarnish quickly, so make sure your storage facility is clean and dry to keep your pieces in the best condition.

  • Keep it clean. If some of your items are tarnished already, it can be a good idea to have them cleaned before storing to prevent any lasting damage.

  • Separate pieces. Ensure each piece of jewellery is separated to avoid scratch damage from gemstones (especially diamonds). Jewellery rolls can be used to stop necklaces from tangling.

  • Choose felt. A felt-lined, compartmented storage box is the best environment for expensive jewellery, because felt is both soft and moisture-wicking so it protects against tarnishing and won’t cause any deterioration.


  • Keep it dry! Like jewellery, electronic devices can be seriously damaged by prolonged exposure to damp and humidity.

  • Remove batteries. Whether you’re storing electronics for two weeks or two years, always remove the batteries to prevent damage caused by leaking potassium hydroxide or lithium.

  • Seal gaps. Vents, jacks, USB ports, and other gaps can let in anything from dust and mold to pesky little critters. Seal up your devices with a gentle, non-damaging tape.

  • Label cables. There’s nothing worse than unpacking stored electronics only to begin the long process of matching wires to devices. Secure cables with ties and label them with their device to make unpacking easier.


  • Keep it dry (and cool!). Are you noticing a theme here? Temperature changes, light, and humidity can warp wooden antiques so they need to be kept in a cool, dry storage facility.

  • Wrap glass and keep it flat. Mirrors, paintings, and other glass items should be protected by bubble wrap and stored flat with nothing on top, to prevent them from cracking.

  • Wrap furniture too. Antique wood can be vulnerable to scratching or chips so make sure valuable pieces are wrapped up. Furniture legs are particularly susceptible to snapping so it’s a good idea to reinforce them before storage.

  • Oil metal items. If you’re storing metal antiques, rub them down with a non-corrosive oil to prevent rusting and oxidation.

Books and Documents

  • You know the drill. Documents and valuable books need to be kept dry! Moisture will quickly deteriorate paper so keep documents in plastic sleeves and choose a dry, humidity-free storage facility.

  • Check books before storage. If a book has been exposed to food or spillages, these can quickly turn to mold if left unchecked. Make sure your books are clean before packing.

  • Provide support. Stacking books can cause their spines to warp so it’s important to place a piece of thick cardboard between each book for support. Documents can be similarly supported with foam or cardboard inserts.

  • Take scans first. Unpacking and repacking documents can lead to damage, especially with antique paper. If you think you might need to access a book or document in the near future, taking a scan before you store it can be a safer way to get the information you need.

Here at TFM, we offer both premium storage for larger antiques and small volume or box storage for other valuables like jewellery, electronics, or books. Our storage containers are clean, dry, and protected against fire and vermin. We can even safely pack your boxes for you to keep your valuables in the best condition.

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