Top Tips for Moving House in the Spring

Of all the seasons, we think spring is one of the best for moving house. The days are longer so you can get more done, the weather is warm without being so hot that all that heavy lifting is unbearable, and you’ve got a good chance of moving into a house that’s just been treated to a fresh spring clean. Plus, did you know that spring is one of the only recommended times to move perennial plants without causing them damage? So it’s good for your garden, too!

That being said, moving in spring isn’t always all roses (or should we say snowdrops?). From April showers to that bag of unwanted Christmas presents you meant to deal with ages ago, there are still a few things you’ll need to think about. Luckily for you, we’ve put together this handy guide to a successful spring move.

3 Key Tips for Moving in Spring

Get organised

Nothing that happens on moving day should be a surprise. For a completely stress-free and relaxing move, plan everything in advance, including a relocation budget and calendar. If you’ve got kids, you might need to plan around the Easter holidays – is it better to move when the little ones are off school, or would it be easier to get everything done during term time?

Knowing when everything needs to happen and how much it’s going to cost you will not only help you avoid any surprises, it’ll also mean you have time to save in advance if you need to.

Plan ahead

We’re probably not the only ones who think spring is the best time to move house, so it’s a good idea to beat the rush when it comes to booking any removals services or storage you might need. Once you’ve got your budget sorted out, schedule everything else sooner rather than later to avoid getting stuck with inconvenient moving dates or taking the risk that the storage you need might be fully booked.

Keep an eye on the weather

As we said, nothing about moving day should come as a surprise, and we know that spring can be a rainy season. Regularly checking the weather forecast will help you be as prepared as possible and not leave yourself and your belongings vulnerable to a surprise soaking on the day. If rain is forecast for your moving day, here are a few things you can do:

  • Use extra packing tape on boxes to stop rain getting in
  • Use waterproof packing material to cover furniture for its journey from house to van or storage unit
  • Waterproof labels to prevent ink run (and later confusion)
  • Mark fragile or vulnerable items, or point them out to your removals team so that they know to take extra care to prevent them getting wet
  • Treat yourself and your family to some waterproofs to keep you dry on the day.


Spring Move Checklist

The time has come to start getting ready for your spring move. Here’s a useful checklist that will take you from preparation and packing, to the move itself:

☐ Book your storage and removals team – Whether you’re going for premium or self-storage, booking it in nice and early will help you get ahead of the spring rush. You’ll then have all the info you need to book your removals team too.

☐ Notify services about your change of address – From changing your driving licence to organising a forwarding service for your mail, notifying everyone that needs to know about a change of address can take ages, so start now.

☐ Spring clean – Spring cleaning your home before you move will ensure you’re not packing a whole bunch of things you don’t want, while ridding you of any clutter that will get in the way of a smooth moving day.

☐ Keep hold of old linens – While getting rid of surplus belongings is a good idea before a move, you should remember to keep hold of old linens like bedsheets and towels because these can make for great protective packing materials for belongings going into storage.

☐ Pack smart – Give yourself enough time to pack everything up – this can take anything between two weeks and a month depending on the size of your home. Pack everything according to the room it’s going to occupy in the new house and label it accordingly so boxes are put where they’re supposed to be, saving you a whole lot of heavy lifting later!

☐ Check the weather – You’ll be able to start checking the weather with a reasonable amount of accuracy about a week before the move, so don’t forget!

☐ Make a plan for kids and pets – If you’re moving during the Easter holidays, you may have some little people with you. All of the chaos can be a bit overwhelming and scary (for children and pets!), so you’ll need to make sure they’re safe and happy on moving day. If possible, ask family to take them for the day, but if that’s not possible, plan lots of activities they can do on the day that will keep them occupied and safely out of the way.

☐ Pack a moving day box – Moving is tiring and thirsty work so make sure you, your family, and your removals team aren’t left without a cuppa on the day! Set aside a kettle, tea bags, milk, sugar, lunch and snacks in a container (a plastic laundry basket is ideal for this to avoid it getting confused with other packing boxes). You can also add waterproofs, phone chargers, your wallet or purse, and anything else that you need out on the day rather than in storage.

☐ Pack a first night box – When you reach your new home, the last thing you’ll want to do is start digging into all your boxes to find things you need that evening. Set aside a ‘first night’ box with anything you might need like pyjamas, bedding, pans if you want to cook, plates (or paper plates to avoid extra washing up), toiletries, and cosmetics.

☐ Check the weather again – A couple of days before the move, check the weather again. Now will be the time to set aside warm clothing and waterproof your boxes and furniture if it’s looking like rain.

☐ Get any important documents ready – If you need any receipts, booking information or addresses to give your removals team, now’s the time to make sure they’re placed somewhere accessible.

☐ Double-check the house for leftover belongings – No matter how hard we try, things can get left behind. Leave one or two spare boxes out in case of last-minute packing.

☐ Take any final meter readings – Make sure to take meter readings at your new home too, to avoid any extra charges.

☐ Move and enjoy your new home – Well done, you did it! Now get ready to enjoy your new home and some lovely spring weather.


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