Why Safe footing is important during removals

When it comes to maximising safety during your house move, there is one important thing that needs to be taken note of; the type of flooring in and outside of a property. The materials, surfaces and the condition of flooring can cause all kinds of problems, including creating trip and slipping hazards. It is crucial to inspect the floors, paths, and driveways to ensure that any risks can be kept to a minimum.

If trolleys are going to be used during the removal, it is even more essential that the surfaces outside of the property are checked. Block paving as well as slabs and concrete surfaces in poor condition can all cause issues here, including making it difficult to physically roll them. If the surface is uneven it could result in the trolley tipping, sending the contents falling to the ground or jostling them around. Both of these could result in damages.

Protecting Your Property During a Move

By checking the surfaces in advance proper arrangements can be made to maximise safety and protect items. As part of this, it is possible to determine whether equipment like trolleys are suitable or if more labour is needed instead.

An added benefit of checking surfaces and covering is that we can minimise any mess that may be caused. We understand how important it is to keep the property you are vacating as clean as possible on moving day. The last thing you want is to have to spend more time and money cleaning up because mud has been tracked everywhere.

The Right Removal Team

At TFM Removals we provide a wide array of services throughout Chelmsford and the surrounding areas in Essex as well as through Europe and have encountered all kinds of surfaces when working. We always make the right arrangements, ensuring we have enough people to carry out the move and the right equipment and packing materials too. The end result is a smooth, reliable service.

To further improve the quality of our service and the safety of our team we always ensure everybody is properly attired. It cannot be overstated how important this is, especially in terms of footwear. We take our responsibility of ensuring that everybody is safe at all times very seriously.

If you would like to arrange a removal service from one of the longest-serving providers of removals in Chelmsford, please get in touch.