Protect items effectively during removals, regardless of the distance

When it comes to removals there is one thing we always remind our customers; it is vital to ensure possessions are protected regardless of the distance they are being transported. Even the shortest trip can result in damaged items if appropriate steps have not been taken to protect them. Naturally, the further away you are moving, the more chance there is for damage, but the risk is there no matter the distance.

Our vast experience of providing removals to Ireland from Essex has shown us the importance of using the right packing materials and taking care to ensure every item is protected. That is why we provide both as part of our comprehensive service. When you work with us you don’t need to worry about sourcing your own materials or doing any of the packing; we will handle absolutely everything.

Packing blankets are arguably the most important materials to use when you move house. They help to protect items from getting scratched and cushion them when the removal vehicle drives over humps and bumps in the road. Without them, products can experience much higher levels of wear.

The blankets can be used to wrap all kinds of items, from furnishings to electrical appliances. Our team have a lot of experience with them, ensuring that each one is placed with care to maximise protection. They work hard to make sure no edges are left exposed and at risk of being damaged.

We have our own stock of packing blankets and ensure they are fit for the job before we use them. This means you don’t need to worry about sourcing your own or what to do with them after the move.

With long-distance removals to places in Europe, Ireland, or further afield from Essex, every bit of additional protection that items are given will prove to be invaluable. After all, it is impossible to determine what the road conditions will be like for the whole route.  As a result, it is expected that items will be jostled to some extent. With the right protection, though, damage will not be a concern.

If you would like a first-rate service from the leading removals company in Essex, please get in touch. You won’t find a higher quality service than ours.