When is the best day to move house?

Many people naturally think that Friday is the best day of the week to move house, as it allows you to spend the weekend unpacking and getting everything sorted out in your new home. However, it only works like that if everything involved in the move goes smoothly. While we can assure you that we will make sure your possessions are safely and swiftly moved to their new home, we cannot give the same assurance about the hundreds of other factors which can affect a house move. It’s all those other factors you need to keep in mind when selecting your moving day.

Although in the modern age we are used to having services available to us outside of traditional office hours, it’s not the case that everyone can help you around the clock seven days a week. When moving, there’s every chance that you may need to contact various services such as utilities companies and financial institutions. Moving on a Friday may mean you are left without access to the services you need over the weekend.

We know that it is not practical for everyone to move during a working week. In our experience, arranging to move on a Wednesday or Thursday allows you to make sure our move goes smoothly, or at the least gives you the time and ability to address any problems or issues with your new home.

One thing is certain; whether you are moving during the week or on a weekday, you will not have to worry about the quality of the removals service when we are involved. Wherever you are moving to and whichever day of the week you choose to go on, you can always be certain that we’ll offer a professional, thorough and conscientious service and make sure all your items reach their destination in perfect condition.