When items are put in storage it is important that they are in the same condition when you get them back. This is true whether they need to be stored for a short period of time or a much longer duration. It is also a fact regardless of the type of possessions you need to store, from delicate valuables to sturdier items.

One thing you definitely don’t want when it comes to storage is to leave items exposed to moisture. This can result in big damages, even if everything has been packed safely. The moisture will attack all kinds of materials, damaging timbers, cardboard, papers, fabrics, and metals. The longer they are left damp the more damage will be caused. Therefore it is vital to choose a storage option that is completely dry and watertight.

At TFM Removals we understand how much damage moisture can cause to items when they are stored incorrectly. That is why we work so hard to ensure that it doesn’t happen with any of our storage services.

Our premium storage service is available to clients all across Essex, giving them convenient access to containers when they need them. We set the highest standards and ensure that every single container we utilise is in the perfect condition. They are all purchased brand new and are made to our specifications from durable steel, maximising protection against wear.

The fact that we transport the containers directly to our clients so they can be filled could mean they may be exposed to higher levels of wear. Fortunately our team are highly skilled and respect each module, ensuring it is handled properly at all times. We also have a team at our storage yards who clean, inspect and maintain them to ensure they are kept up to standard.

As a result of our hard work we can deliver a fantastic service for every client. If you would like information about premium storage and the benefits it offers please contact us. We will help you to choose the right solution.