When you make use of offsite storage we always urge clients to consider the impact it can have on items, if they are packed incorrectly prior to storing them. The aim should be to ensure that everything is kept in the exact same condition. With this though, you need to keep in mind that the storage container is a different environment to your home. Items must be packed and positioned to account for this.

One of the most important things we have learned at TFM Removals in our 25 years of providing storage services throughout Essex is the value of removal blankets. They are really great for protecting items, helping to keep them cushioned against damage. For this simple reason, every vehicle and storage container has hundreds on board, ready to wrap each and every item of furniture loaded.

When we provide our premium storage service we make use of removal blankets wherever they are needed, including on valuable appliances and furnishings too. The removal staff will wrap each item for you as they load it to the container, ensuring your peace of mind and meaning you don’t need to try to wrap items before they arrive.

The thing that makes our premium storage service stand out is we bring the container to your property. We will pack your items for you and load them. During the latter any removal blankets that are needed will be placed, ensuring that each item in question is properly covered. As a result when items need to be stacked on top of one another you can be confident that the right protection is in place.

Our premium service has helped us to secure our position as the most celebrated provider of Essex storage. Whether you need a temporary solution or want to arrange a long term service we can cater for you. There are affordable daily charges for whilst your container is on our site, ensuring you only pay for the time you need.

If you have any questions for us we are just one call away. A member of our team can discuss the services in more detail with you and explain the next steps.