Over the last few years there have been an array of television shows which highlight some of the weird and wonderful things people have placed in storage containers. The popularity of these shows has seen an increasing number of people in the UK become aware of the benefits of using this kind of service.

With the two points above in mind, when people use us for the most secure Essex storage solutions there’s always one question that comes up. That is; why do we use containers for storing items rather than having the seemingly purpose built lock up garages like they see on television. As these shows have made that the popular image people think of when storage comes to mind, it’s not unreasonable for people to ask. We, as ever, are happy to answer.

The main reason we use containers is to be of the greatest convenience for you. Whilst the garage style buildings you see on TV look wonderful, when you think about it they involve someone packing everything up, loading it into a van and then unpacking it all once again. When you then would like your stuff returned to your new home the same has to happen! A total of four times (at least).

With our containers, all the items you want placed in storage get packed just the once, straight into the container outside of your home. This container then has a uniquely numbered seal and insurance padlock put on and is returned to one of our storage yards. When you’re ready, the container can be brought to your new home, unlocked, unsealed and then unloaded, meaning it is only unpacked once also. The less times your items are moved, the less risk there is involved.

We use high quality containers for our storage services, buying new ones and taking very good care of them. They’ve been modified to feature extra security and styled to ensure your belongings are safely stored.

After you’ve used our storage facilities for as long as you require (we offer the most flexible terms for periods of storage) we’ll deliver the container to any destination you decide on. Again you get the benefit of us bringing everything to you.

Whilst these storage garages look great on TV, ultimately they involve making more work for you in storing your belongings. Our containers make it all so much easier and safer for you.