Tips on storing electronic devices

Over the years we have dealt with all kinds of requirements and become the leading provider of storage Chelmsford. We bring a clean and pristine container to you, load it up and make certain that it’s correctly locked, with it not being opened again until it is safely delivered to you.

Whilst our work in putting your items into storage is complete and comprehensive, it’s going to be the case that you want to make sure your belongings are in the correct state or condition to be fine for storing away for a period of time. We’re always happy to listen to any questions or queries that you might have around this, and will give you the benefit of our advice based on many years of experience.

In terms of queries about storing certain items, the number one area of concern is always electrical products. Storing them in such a way that they will work fine when they are eventually removed from storage is usually the biggest priority. With this being the case we’d like to share some general tips with you.

A good place to start is with batteries. In short, if your electrical device is powered by replaceable batteries make sure they are removed and disposed of before putting the item in storage. Should your device have a built in rechargeable battery then, as per the advice of most manufacturers, it will be best to make sure it’s fully discharged before being packed up.

Plugs are a different matter. Usually there is no reason to remove them, in particular if they have been fitted in accordance with CE and BS standards, and the item being stored has been packed correctly. It could, however, be highly beneficial to have PAT testing carried out on any appliances which have been in storage for a while before you resume using them.

Being able to share useful information like this with you is one of the things that’s made us a leading name for storage Chelmsford. We will always to everything we can to make sure that you have a perfect, second to none experience with us.