The Most Unusual Things Found in Storage Units

If you’re anything like us, you love addictive shows like Storage Hunters and Storage Wars that show people discovering all manner of weird and wonderful things in long-term storage units.

In reality, the common uses for commercial storage are much more pedestrian. Except sometimes, they aren’t…

Today we’re looking at the most unusual things that have ever been found in storage units, from the valuable and exciting to the downright spooky.

The Submarine Car

It’s not uncommon for storage hunters to luck out on vintage car finds but one Long Islander really hit the jackpot in 1989. After paying just $100 for a unit at a storage auction, the buyer found that the container was home to a real James Bond submarine car from The Spy Who Loved Me. As if that wasn’t lucky enough, Elon Musk later bought the submarine car for a rumoured $1m.

A NASA rocket

One Auction Hunters crew got a lot more than they bargained for when they found a real NASA rocket inside one storage unit. After inspecting the rocket and an accompanying countdown clock, an expert in space memorabilia confirmed that both were real. The hunters later found out that the equipment had been part of a mission that had been shut down.

Real treasure

The one thing most storage hunters want to find is cold, hard cash! A California unit was recently found to contain $500,000 of real Spanish gold and silver coins coins while another hunter found $24,000 worth of notes that had all had the faces cut out of them. Luckily the money was declared still valid!

Body parts…

Here’s where things start getting a bit creepy. One episode of Storage Wars saw a buyer unearth a box filled with spooky voodoo tools. Some of the strangest items included chicken bones, statuettes, a deer skull, and real human hair.

Another team found an entire collection of ‘hands’ including clock hands, doll hands, a large hand statue, and what turned out to be a fake human hand preserved in a jar.

However none of that is as unsettling as the man who opened up a container he’d purchased to find a real human leg. It turned out that the leg’s owner had had it amputated and was saving it to be buried with when he fell behind on payments for his unit. Thankfully the leg was returned to him later!

…and whole bodies!

If you think finding fake human hands and real human legs is bad, spare a thought for the family who found grandma in their storage unit. An elderly woman in a casket had been placed into storage by her daughter, who was thought to be overcome with grief. It wasn’t until the daughter confessed to her own children later that the body was found and buried properly.

And it’s not just dead bodies that have been discovered in storage containers. Imagine the surprise one storage security guard got when he found a man inside a locked container one evening. The man had been trying to burgle the unit when he got locked in and trapped. It seems crime doesn’t pay but storage hunting does!

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