The Box Storage Revolution: Changing the Way People Store Their Possessions

As long ago as 1300 BC – perhaps even before – people have been storing their most prized possessions in storage, treasure and tool chests and boxes. Over time this solution to storage has evolved and been modified for a multitude of uses, inside and outside of the home – whether that’s taking advantage of an external storage solution because your house is bulging at the seams, or for temporary storage of your belongings when moving home.

But now, we’re entering into a new age of consumer-focused storage solutions; that allow you to save on space without having to physically transport boxes across town to a self-storage centre – ‘The Box Storage Revolution’. The great thing about box storage, is that it offers you a convenient alternative to self storage, and is ideal for smaller volume and shorter term storage. So whether you’re moving home or decluttering your living space, box storage could be the perfect solution for you.

Box Storage vs. Self Storage – What is the difference?

Box storage and self storage offer solutions for both individuals and businesses that are looking for access to additional storage space. But in most cases, the type of storage that best suits your needs will depend on your precise requirements and a number of other factors.

Here are the key differences between the two different storage options.

Self Storage

Self storage solutions effectively offer you a space to rent and store your belongings. Depending on your requirements, this can be anything from a relatively small 10 square foot locker, to a 500 square foot unit designed for business storage, and pricing is usually worked out per square foot of space.

You will be given a key for the storage unit, which you can typically access freely within the storage site’s business hours, and outside business times by prior arrangement. Crucially, with self storage solutions you are responsible for delivering your belongings to, and collecting them from, the storage unit. This means that you will have to either physically transport them yourself, or arrange for a local removal firm to do so on your behalf.

Box Storage

While self storage involves paying to rent a storage space, box storage companies typically send boxes for you to pack your items in, then collect them at your convenience for storage. When you want to recover your items, the company will redeliver the box or boxes to you – typically within 24 hours.

Rather than being paid per square foot for storage, you will normally be charged for collection, and redelivery of your boxes. So although you cannot access your belongings at the storage facility as with self storage, you can have your boxes delivered back to you at relatively short notice. Many box storage companies also offer inclusive insurance for your belongings while they are held in storage.

The benefits of using a box storage service

While self storage can offer some advantages for those looking for higher volume or longer-term storage, box storage is a simple, cost-effective and convenient solution for those with lower volume and shorter-term needs.

The benefits of using box storage include:

Space-saving – Decluttering one’s home is very much in vogue at the moment, and the truth is that many of us have a lot of possessions plus limited space with which to store them. Box storage offers the opportunity to free up space in your home and store your possessions safely and effectively.

Convenience – One of the big conveniences of box storage is that the storage company provides you with the boxes or cartons to store your items, and collects them for storage at a time that suits you once you have packaged your belongings.

Cost-effective – Self storage can mean that you end up paying for space that you may never fill. Box storage on the other hand, means that you only pay for the space that you actually use (individual boxes as opposed to storage space)

Peace of mind – You may be wondering how secure box storage is. Reputable box storage providers store your belongings in secure storage facilities that only they can access, and also provide inclusive insurance for any damage or loss.

Guaranteed access – While box storage doesn’t provide “instant” access to your stored items in the same way as self storage, you can have your boxes redelivered to you upon request and usually at short notice.

How TFM can help fulfil your storage needs

Here at TFM we offer secure box storage solutions for all your needs, specialising in small volume pickup and storage in two different box sizes. Contact a member of our team today for more information on our services.