When it comes to carrying out a domestic removal, the furniture is one of the most challenging aspects. However, when you are working with our experienced team of removal specialists, you can rest assured all your items will be well cared for, no matter how bulky, heavy or fragile they may be.

We have regularly helped clients to overcome all kinds of tricky moves, dealing with every item of furniture imaginable. We can dismantle a huge array of furnishings, from cabinets to desks and even bed frames. Whatever it is, we will ensure that every single piece travels safely to your new address where we will reassemble it if required. We will make sure all components are saved, reducing the risk of vital parts getting lost and needing to be replaced, and we use appropriate packing materials to protect everything throughout the move.

If furniture needs to be dismantled and rebuilt we will include the price in our estimate so you aren’t hit with any surprise bills. We are committed to offering the best prices and great value for money on every single service, whether we are moving a small number of items or relocating an entire property. You will be visited by a highly trained estimator when you arrange a quote from us so we can get a clear idea of your needs and offer the right service at the right price.

We have been involved in the industry since 1992, and ever since then we have excelled at providing domestic removals locally in Chelmsford and to the whole of the UK and to all parts of Ireland. As a family run company, we understand the importance of delivering a personal service that is tailored to the needs of each client. We have the flexibility to put us in the perfect position to do so. When you choose our team, you also get the comfort of dealing with a locally based specialist with a great knowledge of the area.