When items are being placed into storage for a period of time, whether it is the short or long term, you want them to be in the same condition when you receive them as when they were stored. To achieve this it is important they are kept in a clean, secure container where the elements and vermin can’t get to them. On top of this they should be packed and placed properly.

At TFM Removals our team are highly experienced when it comes to loading storage containers. We will ensure that every single item is placed correctly, with delicate items wrapped and boxed with care, heavy items secured down so they don’t move and furnishings fully covered. We even provide special bags for mattresses so they are protected.

We have the right equipment to help us with the loading so that items can be handled with care and positioned easily. This includes ramps so getting items into the container is easier, porter’s trolleys for moving heavier boxes and even lifting equipment if it is required. We will know which of these we need thanks to your work with our estimator at the very beginning of the service. This means we can have the equipment in place when it is needed.

In our experience we have found that the best way to ensure that items are kept in a great condition when they are stored is to minimise the number of times they are handled. The more they are moved and disturbed the higher the risk of damage. We aim to tackle this with our premium storage service, ensuring the contents are only handled twice; during storage and when they are unloaded following delivery.

We have earned a fantastic reputation thanks to our premium storage solutions and the fact that we can offer them all across Chelmsford. We bring the containers to clients at a time to suit them, prioritising convenience and ease of access. If you would like to arrange a service please contact us.