Sometimes taking time to unload furnishings speeds up office removals

When it comes to office removals, speed is generally of the essence. After-all, the longer the move takes, the more it will disrupt the business. This can have an impact on performance, sales, revenue, and customer service too. With an efficient, well-planned move the disruptions and potential negative impacts can be minimised.

One thing that many people mistakenly think will help to speed up a move is transporting filing cabinets fully loaded. This is very rare, yes this would save on the time it takes to remove everything and pack it up but more often than not it will create several potential problems. Firstly it means the cabinets will be much, much heavier. This makes it more challenging and hazardous to move them. On top of this, leaving them loaded creates the potential that they will warp during transit. Even if they are well packed the items inside the drawers can shift and cause problems.

The best option is to safely remove everything from the filing cabinets and pack it in separate boxes. When this is done it is important to ensure that each box is an acceptable weight. The last thing you want is to overload them and have them collapse and potentially cause an injury. It is good to label each box so it is easy to identify what is in them and where they need to be placed in the new property.

Once unloaded, moving filing cabinets will be much easier. Additionally, it is better to hire professional movers to tackle relocating them. They will be able to safely navigate your property, load the removal vehicle, and then unload at the end with minimal risk of damaging the cabinets.

At TFM Removals we can help businesses of every size to move to a new office. Our team are highly experienced and have the skills to safely relocate all kinds of items, from the aforementioned filing cabinets to computers, furniture and anything else found in offices.

The thing that makes us stand out as the best provider of office removals in Chelmsford is our ability to pack and move everything safely in the shortest timeframe, as we understand the importance of keeping any disruptions to a business to a minimum. On top of this, we can arrange the move at the most appropriate time for the client.

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