There may come a time when you find yourself with more possessions than you can comfortably store in your home, or you may need a place to store furniture and other items while you are in the process of moving between different properties. When this occurs, you need a place to safely store those items that you want to keep. We specialise in safe and secure removals and storage in Benfleet and throughout the entire UK, and our storage solutions can keep your belongings as safe as they possibly can be.

Our large storage containers are capable of holding a huge number of items safely and securely, and are certainly more than enough to store practically an entire household’s worth of possessions. We will drive the container straight to your home, following which our team will load your possessions into the container carefully, using the appropriate protective materials to ensure that nothing is lost or damaged. Once the container has been filled, it is locked and sealed, we transport it to our yard, and we keep it safely and securely stored. When you want your items back, we will deliver them to you, still in the container in which they were stored, offering the ultimate in convenience and security.

Our estimates for our storage service cover all cartons, packing and protective materials. The quote you are given is a fixed cost for the collection, storage and re-delivery of your goods, and includes insurance cover as well, with no hidden costs.

Wherever you are going, we can store your belongings and ship them to you when required. Our storage service and containers are as secure as they possibly can be. When you’re in need of removals and storage in Benfleet, there is no-one you can trust more than our team here at TFM Removals.