Safety tips for disassembling flat pack furniture

One of the biggest advantages of flat pack furniture is it is easier to get it into your home initially. You won’t need to worry about navigating tight doorways, halls, or stairs because everything should come in more manageable sized packages. It is then a case of assembling the item and placing it exactly where you want it.

As one of the leading providers of removals Chelmsford has we also understand how good pack furniture is when you come to moving to a new address. Because of how it is made it should be possible to take pieces apart so they are easier to move. This is much better for movers, saving us from having to navigate large, bulky items out of a property. It can also save space in the removal vehicle.

If furnishings are being disassembled for moving it is vital that safety is the priority. Keep in mind that pieces could have sharp nails and screws sticking out. These need to be removed to prevent injury. It also makes prevents parts from causing any damage to the fabric of the property while they are being carried out.

Another big reason why nails and screws should be removed from pieces of flat pack furniture during disassembly is they could cause damage when in the removal vehicle. Items will be packed close together and the last thing anybody wants is the sharp fixings to scratch or puncture anything.

Finally the fixings should all be removed to protect them. If they are left sticking out they could get bent during the removal, making them useless when it is time to putting the piece of furniture back together. If replacements can’t be sourced this means the entire item becomes useless.

At TFM Removals we have a lot of experience with flat pack furniture. We have worked with all kinds of furnishings over the years, from small bedside tables to large desks and bookcases. As a result we know what it takes to disassemble the items effectively, taking care to removal all nails, screws, and other kinds of fixtures.

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