As our name implies, the work we do consists of the safe and practical removal of items from multiple types of premises. We employ only the most competent of staff trained to the highest degree in each aspect of removals. When we are on the job China, glass, antiques and other fragile belongings will all be handled with the upmost delicacy.

If you have some experience in moving house then you’ll be aware of the basics. You’ll know that preparations shouldn’t be made at the last minute, nor should you attempt to pack your property up without the aid of a professional company. Both of these can increase the risk of possessions being damaged.

Fragile items need additional care when they are to be moved, regardless of their size. Our team have the skills to pack each item properly and ensure it can be transported to your new home safely. We understand exactly how to utilise different types of packing materials to deliver the best protection.

As experienced individuals, we follow a set of rules when packing up delicate objects, and all of our packers have attended courses with the British association of Removers in packing. Just a couple of basic examples are; never putting glasses and cups on their sides because by doing this, we would be exposing the weakest part of the glass or cup. The stems on the glassware can snap and the entire item could shatter.

A second basic example is; placing the dishes in the same manner in the boxes as one would in their cupboard actually puts a considerable strain on the dishes. This is especially true if a lot of dishes sit in the same box or if anything else sits on top of them. To avoid this, we set the serving dishes on their edges when they’re packed. When dished and plates are on their side, individually wrapped they are actually very strong and therefore make the perfect base layer for a china and glass box.

At TFM Removals, our estimator will come to your property and thoroughly examine what needs to be moved. Once this has been done, we’ll be able to supply you with a written quotation, giving you a complete overview of our services and what we will provide.

When you’re planning for the next big move, be sure to give us a call. We are amongst the most reputable removals specialists in Chelmsford and deliver a great service every time.