At TFM Removals storage is a particular speciality of ours and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver an effective service for clients. We are confident we can offer the perfect solution for your needs, giving you confidence your possessions will be stored safely and not accessed until the container is opened at your new address.

Storage, or shipping containers as they are also known, were first invented by Malcolm McLean in 1956 in order to replace the old method of break-bulk container handling. There are currently over 17 million of them in circulation globally, with the number of active containers at more than 5 million. We are very proud to use high quality ones in our services.

The features and advantages of using a container are numerous. Units that are constructed like ours are well-guarded against rodent infestation such as rats and mice. Rodents live where they can easily burrow but burrowing into containers is very tricky. This means the items stored inside them are safe from damage.

Metal storage units are also easy to relocate. This offers big benefits when it comes to placing them on a site and also means they can be dispatched directly to client’s addresses so they can be filled. We do just that with our premium storage service, making it conveniently available to clients all across Chelmsford.

The containers we have are ideal if you are planning to move home. They are physically brought to your property on one of our purpose-built, fully ramped lorries. Everything is loaded into the container with the utmost care and attention. After this the unit is locked and sealed; it is not unsealed until it arrives at your new destination.

Our premium storage service is unrivalled. The steel containers, which are bought new, are dry, vermin free and have an incredibly low fire risk. These qualities make them the perfect option whether you need a long or short term solution.

With us you get a fixed cost for the whole service. It includes insurance cover during collection, storage and delivery for your protection. We strive to offer the best value for money and deliver a level of service our clients will appreciate.

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