Our successful overseas mirror shipment

One of our most recent moving projects was also one of our most challenging: we were asked to move an extremely valuable piece of LEGO artwork from Brentwood to New York. The item in question was created by renowned artist Wole and is entitled “Black Conflict”. It is a mirror surrounded by an intricate LEGO frame, measuring an impressive 1500mm by 1250mm, and is worth several thousand pounds. As it was being shipped with the intention to be placed on public display, it was imperative that the mirror arrived completely intact and in mint condition.

Anyone who has ever moved to a new premises will understand the specific difficulties faced with moving mirrors and glass items. The process requires care, attention and the right packing materials to ensure that no breakages occur. This particular task was made even more challenging by the inclusion of LEGO. However, we’re happy to say that we were successful in our endeavours, and this unique mirror reached its destination safely and on time.

We really do go the extra mile for our clients to make sure they’re fully satisfied, as shown by our commitment to this project. We are ready to take on even the most challenging packing and removal tasks, using the most appropriate packing materials and using the packing techniques we have learned over the years. Our conscientious team can handle even the most delicate and expensive items and make sure they reach their final destination in the exact condition they set off in.

Whether you need office removals, storage, household removals, self storage, or worldwide shipping, you can always count on us to meet all of your expectations. As we have demonstrated, we are able to handle even the most fragile items, getting them to their destination on time and safety. If you would like to know more about our removals and storage in Brentwood and across the world, contact our team and we’ll be happy to offer all of the advice you need.