Moving antique furnishings with care

Moving delicate valuable items is one of the biggest challenges involved in relocating to a new property. This is particularly true when it comes to antique furnishings because they tend to be heavy and tricky to move whilst also holding a great deal of physical and sentimental value for many people. A huge amount of care needs to be taken with these items, ensuring they are protected as effectively as possible during the removal and the trip to the new address.

At TFM Removals we have extensive experience working with antique furnishings. We can handle all kinds of furniture, from upholstery to tables, desks and cabinets. In all cases, we will take every step to ensure the items are properly protected and carried with care. On top of this we will provide insurance as standard on all items we move, so you can have complete confidence when working with us.

To protect antique upholstery and ensure it arrives at your new address in peak condition, we will use a wide range of materials, along with many years of experience to protect from rips, tears, dents, as well as stains. Before wrapping, we will check the condition of each piece of furniture to ensure we take the right steps to protect it.

Wooden antique furnishings need extra protection to prevent the wood from becoming gouged and damaged during the move. Again, these pieces will be thoroughly wrapped to protect them. Bubble wrap is good for this task and will provide additional cushioning even for delicate timber.

Of course, any items that contain glass parts also need to be protected. If the glass can be removed and wrapped separately, we will do so. In any case, bubble wrap will be used, and we will always take special care to account for the corners.

When antique furnishings are loaded on to the removal vehicle they will be placed carefully and secured so they won’t move during transit. This is important because we don’t want them sliding around and colliding with other items. Once again blankets may be used for added protection.

Our team will ensure that all antiques and delicate items are properly wrapped and transported to their new destination safely, whether you have a small or large number of items to move. We provide flexible services for anybody who is moving house in Chelmsford or any other UK location, catering for local moves as well as longer distance ones. If you would like to find out more about our service please contact us.