Safety is vital when it comes to placing items in storage, whether it is onsite or offsite. Owners want their possessions to be protected from all kinds of damage, including water, fire, and vermin too. There are several steps to ensuring this occurs including making sure the place where items are stored is clean and watertight. Additionally everything should be packed correctly.

When it comes to fire safety in particular it is vital that you understand how items need to be stored. Fortunately, at TFM Removals we have a great deal of experience and handle the packing and storage for our clients. As a result we can confirm that every job is done correctly.

One thing to be careful with when storing items is batteries. Battery powered devices should not be put into storage with the batteries still connected. This can result in fires and put every other item at risk. On top of this a worn battery can damage the device and leave it unusable in the future.

When you choose our premium storage service we will bring a container directly to you so that it can be filled. Before dispatch we ensure that each unit is cleaned fully, removing all dirt and dust. This is also vital for protecting items against damage and the risk of fire.

One thing that really makes our service stand out is that you will receive a visit from a qualified estimator rather than a basic quote. This allows us to deliver a precise service to suit your needs and the best price too. Additionally, we become able to provide advice about items that should and shouldn’t be put in storage and the risks with storing specific things. As a result we keep the risk of damage and fire as low as possible.

Our premium storage service is available all across Chelmsford. We have the skills to bring containers to all kinds of addresses, ensuring the unit gets as close to the property as possible so filling is efficient. Once filled, we take the container to our site where it is kept safe until you want us to deliver it and the items therein.

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