Over the course of the many years we’ve been providing the storage Essex needs, we’ve noticed something rather peculiar. There seems to be a little bit of confusion about the kind of storage facilities we offer. Some believe they are more for businesses whereas others consider them as being for people who are moving home.

That’s two very different views and it is definitely worth looking at which is more accurate. A survey of the current use for storage facilities across the UK shows that nearly 36% relates to businesses whilst close to 35% is used by people moving home. We had a hunch these volumes would be close, but we didn’t have any idea that the margin between the two would be so narrow.

What makes the above even more interesting is when you look at the demand for – and supply of – storage facilities across Europe. The latest available figures show that the UK accounts for some 40% of the demand for storage in the EU. This is despite the fact that our country offers fewer facilities per capita than is the case in countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Finland and the Netherlands.

From our side we’re doing what we can to ensure demand levels are met. We know that the requirements for storage Essex – and indeed London – are far higher than those experienced in the rest of the country. That is why we work so hard to ensure we have the right capacity available.

We are committed to offering a world class level of service, no matter what the purpose of your storage requirements is. We didn’t get to be the longest service provider of facilities in the region without doing that.

Our team is dedicated to giving perfect professionalism with our secure storage work. We make sure you have both low costs and the comfort of knowing your business or personal items are being kept as safe as they possibly can be. If you have any questions or would like advice about our services please contact us.