Many of us move to a new house in a new location because we want to make a fresh start with a new job and a new place to live. According to a new study, a move to a new home is also the perfect time to start embracing more positive habits in our day to day lives. Researchers at the University of Bath examined 800 adults and found that a major life change, such as a new job or a new house, provides a window of opportunity when we are more open to new ideas.

Some of the research subjects received interventions promoting behaviours such as recycling, reducing energy use in the home and cutting down on food waste. It was found that the participants who had recently moved to new homes were more successful at incorporating these activities into their lives. It seems that being in a new location gives us the motivation we need to make positive changes, leave the old bad habits behind and take up new beneficial behaviours. The researchers have suggested that new government campaigns could be introduced to encourage people buying new properties to take up energy-saving actions.

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