Keeping Your Vehicle Safe And Sound

We have earned a reputation for excellence in our work by making sure we offer the most comprehensive services available. We pride ourselves on being able to handle every aspect of your removal, rather than diverting you to alternate services. This is reflected in our ability to offer storage facilities for your vehicle.

Car storage is not only for classic, vintage or very valuable cars. In this day and age many of us are reliant on having our own cars, so no matter what the actual monetary cost of your vehicle, the value is hard to put a price on. When you’re going to be away from your car for a while, it makes sense to ensure it’s stored as safely and securely as possible. We provide the perfect storage conditions for your car, ensuring it is protected from moisture, vermin, scratches and all other potential problems which can affect a car. When the time comes for you to start using your car again, we can even deliver it to you at your chosen location, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

There are many reasons why you might be away from your car for an extended period of time. Perhaps you’re off on an extended holiday of more than a couple of weeks, or you’re making an international move. In either case, there are risks involved in simply leaving your car at your or someone else’s property, and long term parking facilities tend to present large bills for low security. Our approach is to do it the other way around.

Just as with all of our storage services, whether you need to store your cars for days, weeks or even months we can oblige. Our service is dedicated to flexibility and when you are working with us you have peace of mind in knowing that your vehicle is being stored in the safest and most affordable way available.