The reason TFM Removals has become a leading name for Essex storage is we have the skills and resources to provide a solution to any challenge. For example we can arrange a service to remove large, bulky items from a property and ensure they are safely put into a container to be stored on our site. Whether there are large obstacles to overcome or logistic difficulties, we will find a way to do the job.

We start off every service by arranging a consultation with the client. This gives one of our trained estimators the chance to familiarise themselves with the specifics such as what items need to be moved, how they will be packed, how they will be taken from the property, and what we need to accomplish the job in terms of manpower and equipment. The end result is a clear plan and an accurate quote.

On the big day our team will arrive on time and handle the packing. If special arrangements need to be made to get the item out of the property we will do this while everything is being packed to keep delays to a minimum. Things like removing windows will always be done by experienced professionals so there is no risk of them getting damaged.

Once the items are safely out of the property they will be loaded with the utmost care into the container we bring with us. When inside they are secured in place and may be wrapped with additional packing blankets for extra protection if necessary.

The final step is to take the container away to our site. It can remain there for as long as is necessary, giving our clients complete freedom to determine what they plan to do. We are very flexible and can arrange final delivery to addresses across the UK and in Europe too.

As you can see our service is truly comprehensive and can be tailored to suit any requirements. If you have any concerns or aren’t completely sure on what you need simply contact us. We can offer assistance and work with you to deliver the right Essex storage.