Before too long, we will be moving out of the cold spell and into the spring. There is no better time to have a good clear out and make some much needed space in your home. Even if you did this last year, we all know how easy it is to accumulate a lot more items in just 12 months, and before we know it we are struggling for space and cramming things into every nook and cranny we can find.

Using a storage service is a fantastic way of making space without having to sell, give away or throw out your belongings. You may have a lot of extra clothing that you will not use for another year, or you may have a lot of memorabilia that has sentimental value. Many people devote a lot of time and money to building up collections such as vinyl records or ornaments, but they do not have sufficient space for them at home. Storage offers an easy and affordable way of keeping your possessions secure without cluttering up the house.

Our service for storage covering Maldon and throughout the entire region can provide the solution you need. Our containers are clean, secure and fireproof. We can deliver your container to your home and carefully load the items intended for storage. The contents will then remain inside the sealed container at our highly secure depot until you need them again.

Our professional team are highly experienced at handling all kinds of items and they know exactly what they are doing. Your belongings will be loaded and unloaded with care and kept safe at all times. We give all customers a detailed estimate covering the cost of all cartons, packing materials and protective wrapping. Your accurate estimate will cover every charge and you can rest assured there will be no unexpected expenses. If you want a little more space in your bedroom, basement or loft, our trusted and cost-efficient storage service can give you peace of mind and room to move.

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