Don’t let the weather disrupt your move

The typical weather conditions in the UK can add extra challenges when you are moving to a new home, adding to the already stressful occasion. Rain, wind and low temperatures can all cause issues, including increasing the risk of hazards and damage to possessions. The best solution is to move on a dry, clear day but this is not always practical or possible. Alternatively, steps can be taken to prepare for the conditions and lessen the impact.

With every move, safety should be one of the biggest priorities. To maximise this all TFM staff are provided with a full uniform. Sensible footwear, this is crucial in all conditions but becomes even more important when it is wet and slippery outside. Waterproof clothing, this is wise if rain is expected. It prevents clothes from getting waterlogged and becoming heavier and finally warm clothes for the cold British mornings!

You also want to feel confident that your items are protected from the weather conditions. Rain can weaken cardboard boxes, causing wooden furnishings to distort and damaging electrical appliances.

Wooden furnishings and electrical appliances can both be covered when moving to prevent water from getting to them. Some people will use plastic sheeting for this but again it can become slick when wet. Moving blankets are better. Each item will need to be properly covered, ensuring the covering won’t slide around in the process of moving.

At TFM Removals we can help people to move to a new home in all kinds of weather. During our years in the industry, we have done just that many, many times. With each service we ensure that our team are safe and your items are protected to the very best of our ability. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and are ready to provide removals across Chelmsford, the rest of the UK and even beyond, so contact us if you would like further information on our services.