Businesses You Can Run From Self-Storage Units

If you run a business, you’ll appreciate the value of space.

From paperwork and tax files to stock for your eCommerce shop, even the smallest businesses can take up a lot of room – especially if you work from home.

That’s why so many businesses are turning to more creative storage solutions. Self-storage gives you the flexibility, security, and room to run your business with ease, all for a fraction of the cost of additional office space.

Here are just a few of the businesses you could run from a self-storage unit, plus some of the benefits self-storage could have for your business.

7 Businesses You Can Run From a Self-Storage Unit

eCommerce – If you run a business on eBay or another eCommerce site, a self-storage unit is the perfect place to keep your stock until it’s time to sell it on.

Videographer/photographer – Expensive, sensitive equipment can be a nightmare to store. Self-storage offers a climate-controlled, secure environment to store your photographic kit.

Vintage/antique/second hand dealer – Whether you run an antiques business from home or you have a vintage shop, additional storage space is always useful for keeping new purchases or stock waiting for refurbishment.

Mechanic – Every mechanic knows the risks of leaving your tools in you van overnight. If you don’t have space at home, a self-storage unit can be a great secure option.

Crafting and fashion – If you run a craft or fashion business, you’ll likely have plenty of kit and materials that you don’t always need to access. Pop it all into a storage container and free up space to create.

Musicians/music lessons – From sheet music to stands, straps, and cleaning equipment, every instrument comes with an entourage. Self-storage can be incredibly useful for musicians, especially if you’re in a band.

Accountancy – Does your business involve a lot of paperwork? If you’re an accountant and you need a safe place to store client documents, try self-storage. You can easily fit out your unit with filing cabinets for easy access.

The Benefits of Self-Storage for Businesses

Wondering if self-storage is right for your business? Here are some of the benefits it can offer besides that all-valuable extra space.

  • Cost – Extending your office space can be expensive. If all you need is room to store extra office equipment or filing, self-storage is a much more affordable option and helps you to avoid paying for office space you don’t need.

  • Security – The best self-storage comes with 24/7 security. If your business equipment is expensive or you need to store valuable items, self-storage is a secure solution that’s much safer than keeping everything at home.

  • Flexibility – Unlike long-term office contracts, self-storage contracts are extremely flexible. You can hire a unit as and when you need it, access it whenever you like, and end your contract whenever you no longer need the space.

  • Work/Life Balance – If you run a business from home, it can be hard to relax if the tools of your trade are cluttering up your house. A self-storage unit gives you the option to keep your work life separate from your home life.

  • Productivity – Sick of tripping over boxes of documents in the living room or searching through bags of stock in the hallway? A self-storage unit can give you a neat, organised space dedicated to your business, increasing productivity.

Think self-storage could help you? Here at TFM, we have plenty of storage solutions and would be more than happy to help you choose the right one for your business. Contact us today for more information or to get a quote.