It would be fair to say that most of us have a fairly large number of devices and electrical appliances in our home. Whether they are kitchen accessories or for our entertainment, modern technology means that we have more equipment in our houses than would have been standard just a few years ago.

In quite a lot of cases we tend to hold on to the original packaging for the above items, as often doing so is a vital part of meeting the warranty requirements. This fact can make it seem straightforward to repack things when you’re moving home as well. This is an approach we advise you not to take as either a formality or a given.

A quick Google search will show you many “experts” state that you should “always” try to move things in their original packaging. We find this rather general answer to be disingenuous, and of no practical value. The question about whether or not you should move devices and appliances in their original packaging depends on a number of considerations, and as such there’s no “covers everything” answer.

In many cases the original packaging was designed to be used once. This is to say that the strength simply doesn’t support rehousing the original product in the future. Normally this would be applicable in instances where the item has required some assembly work. Trying to force something back into packaging can ultimately lead to damage being caused whilst in transit.

You also need to remember that, whilst sturdy and protective, the original packaging for most items was not designed with possible removals and relocation in mind. For the most part the packaging was made for a very specific form of shipping and to keep the product safe whilst on display in a store. Much tougher materials, as well as cushioning protective packaging, are required when moving from your old house to your new home.

We assume those who say that you should always seek to move items in their original packaging mean well, but we simply cannot agree with them. The best way to move your belongings safely is to seek advice from our estimator when he visits your home and carefully consider what the specific requirements are. With our removals services across Chelmsford this is the approach you always have in place.