Answering Common Concerns About Self Storage

As a member of The British Association of Removers, our reputation in the industry speaks for itself. However, we are always happy to make sure our clients feel well informed about our services and how they have been designed to meet their needs. We know that for many people seeking storage services, privacy is a major concern.

There are many reasons why people opt for self storage, but whatever your reasons, you can always rest assured of complete privacy for your possessions. As long as you are storing legal items and not controlled or hazardous substances, our business is strictly to provide you with the safe, secure and confidential storage you need. The containers at our self storage facility in Burnham on Crouch are protected with modern security measures and nobody will access your container except you.

Another common concern is the length of storage time and the associated costs. Many companies calculate weekly or monthly fees, and insist that customers enter into fixed period agreements for using their storage facilities. This may make bookings and management easier, but it doesn’t give you the exact service you’re looking for. That’s why our self storage services charges are calculated daily. We don’t believe you should be forced to pay for the facility when you don’t need it, so our charges mean you will only be paying for the time your storage container is actually in use.

Although we aim to do everything we can to suit you and your storage requirements perfectly, these two points are among the most frequently asked questions by people looking for our services. With our professional and secure approach, we are confident we can provide exactly what you’re looking for in a storage facility.