Amazing Uses for Storage Units

If you think storage units and containers are just for storage, think again. Over the years, the brightest minds have turned these versatile spaces into everything from art studios to fully-functioning homes.

We’ve already looked at the most common uses for commercial storage so now it’s time to get uncommon…

Here’s our rundown of the most inspiring, innovative, and downright genius ways people use storage units and containers all around the world.

Storage Units

●      Art studio – Finding time and a peaceful corner to paint or craft can be difficult in our busy, cluttered lives. Smart artists have started using self-storage units instead. Private, quiet, and spacious, storage units make for perfect art studios – plus you can store all of your equipment there when you leave.

●      Personal gym – Intimidated by a busy gym? Or tired of waiting for your favourite machines? Why not set up your own mini gym instead? That’s what some fitness buffs around the UK have been doing. From treadmills and exercise bikes to weights and medicine balls, a storage unit can quickly be turned into your own private gym space.

●      Start-up office – With office rents going up, many start-ups are getting creative with their working spaces. Whether you need somewhere to keep office equipment or you want a place to store and sell your stock, a storage unit can make a great base for a start-up.

●      Games room – As much as we’d love to, we don’t all have space for a spare games room in our homes. That’s why some enterprising gamers have started creating secret games units, packed with pinball machines, snooker tables, and video games. The perfect place to hang out and relax!

Storage Containers

●      Shopping centres – If you’ve ever been to a Boxpark, you’ll know what we mean. As city planners look for neat, sustainable, and space-saving ways to improve public spaces, shipping containers are becoming ever more popular. They’re particularly good for small retail units and pop-ups, and can be stacked to make entire shopping centres.

●      Swimming pools – Swimming pools are costly to install and the cheaper above-ground pools can be unstable and unattractive. That’s why bright spark designers have started building pools out of shipping containers. Whether you partially bury a container or use it as an elevated pool, it makes for a strong, durable, and trendy-looking feature.

●      Theatres – How do you stage a play at a festival? By building a black box theatre inside a shipping container, of course. Storage containers are the perfect size for intimate festival theatre and have been used at festivals across the country including The Warren at Brighton Fringe, which featured a space containing several theatres all made from shipping containers.

●      Homes – Much like shopping centres, designers and architects are increasingly building clever, eco homes using storage containers. Usually crafted from several containers welded together, these homes are sustainable, affordable, and effortlessly cool.

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