Insuring your possessions provides great protection when they are being moved to a new address. With the coverage you have the peace of mind that if anything is damaged you will not be left out of pocket. Instead you will receive the value of the item so you can purchase a replacement or pay for repairs.

At TFM Removals we understand the value of making sure insurance is in place prior to every service, whether the job is domestic or commercial. That is why we provide it as standard, ensuring it is included in the fixed price we give to clients. We are committed to delivering the very best services and this is one aspect that ensures we always have their interests in mind.

Even with the above we still make sure that we pack and handle every single item with the utmost care. This is very important as incorrect packing, poor handling, bad loading and unloading are the major causes of breakages and damage. Fortunately our team are very highly trained and have the right materials at their disposal to do a great job.

To ensure we get the packing and removal correct we ensure each client meets one of our estimators prior to their moving date. This means we can plan exactly what we need for the job, from the volume of packing materials to the amount of manpower. The careful planning means we always have the right solutions available rather than trying to make do. The end result is a much higher quality service and less risk of damaged items.

Our experience has helped us to provide reliable services and look after the items we transport too. We have worked with so many different packing materials over the years that we know the importance of quality. That is why we always urge clients to let us supply everything, from the cartons to protective wrap and blankets.

If you are looking for a first rate service and want to work with a company renowned for Chelmsford removals TFM is here for you. To find out more about our services and insurance cover please get in touch.