A reliable fridge removal service

One of the most challenging parts of moving to a new home is clearing out your kitchen. The appliances in this part of your property are both highly valuable and heavy, so care and attention to detail is needed when they are being moved. This is exactly what we can provide for you with our services for removals in Chelmsford.

We have extensive experience in the domestic sector and can successfully move all parts of a property. Kitchens are one area we excel at because we know how important it is to handle valuable appliances with care and consideration. Our experienced removal technicians can take care of all kinds of devices, from washing machines and dishwashers to microwaves and ovens.

When we handle fridges, we always take absolute care with them to ensure they are moved and transported safely. The first thing to do is empty the fridge of its contents and shelves so they can go separately. This prevents anything from rattling around and damaging the inside of the device. If you are moving a long distance with a freezer, or a fridge with a freezer compartment, it should be defrosted a day or so before the move.

Before moving the appliance we will secure the doors to prevent them from coming open during the removal. This will reduce the risk of damaging them and also makes the job a little easier. We will also keep the fridge as upright as possible while moving it to ensure minimal disturbance to the gas. Once loaded into the van, it will be secured in place to prevent it from getting jostled around during transit.

Once we arrive at your new home, we will carefully take the fridge inside and position it where you want it. It needs to stand for a few hours to allow the gas to settle again before you can start using it. You can generally plug it in again after a few hours, but be sure to observe manufacturer guidelines and treat it like a new installation.

We have the skills to transport all kinds of fridges, from small under-counter ones to large, double door American style models. Whatever your needs you can rely on us to move your items safely for you and keep them in top condition, no matter how far you are moving. We serve clients across Essex and beyond, catering for local removals and longer haul needs.