In an ideal world, all house removals would take place on warm, sunny, dry days. In reality, however, people need to move throughout the year in all kinds of weather conditions, and it’s not possible to change or postpone plans every time the weather is not favourable. Should you be planning on moving house, the weather doesn’t change your need for expert removals and storage.

Winter weather conditions make it all the more challenging to do anything, particularly transporting your possessions. When it’s cold, dark, wet, windy and snowy, getting around becomes much more difficult, especially when you have to pick up and move goods and furniture safely. When you move house over the winter months it is all the more vital that you have the help of professionals experienced in working in these conditions. In this regard, we have a proven track record of completing successful house removals in Chelmsford and across the UK at all times of year.

We can provide all the help you need to complete your move from start to finish, including dismantling and packing up your furniture and other items, loading it up and getting it to its new destination, before putting everything back together again in its new location. Alternatively, you can pack everything yourself and we will just help with the removal process. However much or little help you need, we will be on hand to provide it for you, making your life easier at this difficult time of the year.

The forecasts all seem to be showing that we have a fair few months of gale force winds and challenging weather conditions ahead of us. We know how daunting this can seem, but don’t let it put you off from embarking on your move. We’re here to assure you that everything will go perfectly and smoothly with us handling your items. Our team will make sure that all of your belongings are safe and sound, and will get them to your new home swiftly and safely.