Arguably the most stressful aspect of moving to a new home is when you look at your possessions and realise you have far more to move than you first thought. This happens very frequently because people look in cupboards, garages, and sheds and realise there are so many things they had forgot about; when you live with stuff for long enough you almost forget it is there! It can be even more distressing when you are relocating to a new country because the items need to travel a very long distance and imagine the stress if your remover has a lorry that is not big enough.

Fortunately with TFM Removals you can arrange a reliable, comprehensive service that starts with an estimator visiting you so we know exactly what size lorry you need, how many cartons and what materials will be needed to pack up your home. We take on every aspect of the move, including the packing, so you don’t need to worry about anything. You can rely on our dedicated team and look forward to a fantastic solution.

We work hard to ensure we can provide the most efficient removals service for customers making the move from Essex, Kent and East London to Ireland.  We are highly experienced in this regard, having helped hundreds of clients to make the trip in the past. Our knowledge and flexible service makes us one of the leading providers for removals to Ireland. We can move you directly, which means the lorry arrives and our crew load all of your possessions then the same crew take your goods straight to Ireland. Alternatively we can move you as a part load, when your goods are delivered as part of a larger load containing many people’s possessions that are moving to different areas of Ireland.

When you choose to work with us to relocate to Ireland we can move you directly or as a part load, but we can also store your goods prior to the move while you wait for completion on your sale in Ireland or you carry out work on your new home.  With all options you can expect your items to be cared for at all times and every aspect of our service is fully insured.

If you have any questions about the move to Ireland from Essex or our removals services please contact us.