One of the biggest concerns we have when it comes to removals is safety. We understand that physically moving items can cause injuries, regardless of their size or weight. Luckily our team are very highly trained and have the experience to pack items correctly and move them in the safest possible manner. On top of this we have the relevant resources to help us including ramps, hand (porter’s) trolleys, and lifting equipment.

At TFM Removals we are proud to offer a comprehensive service for clients all across Chelmsford, taking care of all removal requirements. As part of this we take on the packing and protection of your items. When they are packed it is absolutely crucial the weight is taken into account. This ensures that boxes are not over-filled and can be carried safely. We take care to make sure this occurs.

When you arrange a service with us you will have the benefit of working closely with one of our trained estimators. They will look at how many items you need to move to determine everything from the number of packing materials you need to the amount of time we expect the project to take. We are always generous with the latter, giving our team enough time to do their work safely. We never rush our service but will work hard to meet any deadlines you have.

Working with the estimator also means we can ensure we bring the right equipment with us for each job. This is important because each one is unique and will have its own challenges to overcome. We are happy to put effort in to planning in advance to ensure our service is correct, reliable and to reduce the risk of delays or safety concerns.

If you are planning a move and want to work with a local removals specialist in Chelmsford we are the company for you. We help clients moving locally as well as those travelling a much longer distance. Our services are immensely flexible and we will ensure all of your needs are satisfied to the very highest standard. On top of this we ensure our team are safe and work with the utmost care.