Packing Your Boxes

Once we have delivered your boxes, you can either pack them yourself or a member of our team can do it for you.

Packing Your Boxes

Packing Your Boxes

Yes, simply ask the office about the cost – All of our staff are fully-qualified packers and are able to provide the best advice possible.

Yes, but please make sure you read our insurance T’s & C’s.

As many as you need or would like to.

There are 2 sizes; the larger one is 18”x18”x18” and the smaller box is 18”x12”x12”.

Yes, 30kg, but we are not fussy. Please just be sensible with what you pack in each box.

Yes, we sell hanging garment carriers to protect your clothes during storage.

Yes, a full list of our packing materials is available here, with pictures and prices listed.

Yes of course, but please make sure they are packed in our smaller boxes.

We would suggest you number your boxes and keep an itinerary of what you pack in each one.

Our prices are very competitive, so whether you need one box or multiple boxes, let us know your requirements and we’ll provide you with an instant quote.