Our team at TFM Removals provides a range of services, catering for the diverse needs of our clients. We can provide a solution for any kind of requirement, accounting for all manner of household items as well as specialist ones like safes. We can even move vehicles and machinery.

Safes have played a vital role in securing valuables for centuries and have had various forms over the years. Lock and strong boxes are some of the early versions but at present there is a plethora of products to choose from. They vary in size as well as in terms of the function.

Modern safes were invented by two locksmith brothers in Wolverhampton in 1835 and their goal was to create a burglar-proof box. The brothers, Jeremiah and Charles Chubb are the ones behind the company that provides the Chubbsafes that are available today.

Fire proof safes are another type and were originally made by Henry Brown for the purpose of protecting important papers. A number of these are made from perlite, an amorphous mineral that is formed by rapidly cooling magma from a volcano. Perlite is an incredibly heat resistant material and can keep the insides of a safe cooler than the outside in the event of a fire.

Having a safe to protect your valuables offers great peace of mind but it can present problems if you decide to move to a new property. In this case you will want a company like ours that can safely transport it. We have nearly 25 years of experience in safe removals and can provide a service for clients across Essex.

We have the skills to remove safes from homes and an array of commercial buildings too. The removal process may be a challenge, but that is the part of the job where we truly excel. We can provide a solution for all kinds of needs, including very tricky access. By meeting the challenge head on, we make sure that all precautions are taken to ensure that your safe remains in pristine condition.

After the removal if you no longer need it we can offer safe disposal services too. These are also available across Essex and you can rely on us to ensure the product is properly disposed of.

If you have any questions about moving a safe please contact us. We can share our experience and offer advice.