For many of us there’s nothing quite like having a piano in the home. The piece is as decorative as it is functional, offering a sense of elegance and class. Whilst you might think that a piano stopped being a feature of a lounge once radio and TV came along, you’d be quite surprised by the large number of people who have a dearly loved – and quite often valuable – one at home. Although this is true of homes across the UK, in our experience there’s a higher percentage of homes with a piano to be found in Chelmsford.

If we were to look at the many reasons why residents in the area have such an affinity for pianos we’d take up a lot of your time and a great deal of space here on our site. Our love and understanding of the area, though, means that there’s one part of the regional history that we can’t neglect. An expression of Chelmsford’s affinity for the piano can be found in Boerham. A Blue Plaque has been placed here in honour of Dame Elizabeth Maconchy, whose Concerto for Piano remains a treasured classical piece of music to this day.

Right about now you might be asking why exactly we are talking about how popular pianos are in the area. The answer to that is pretty straightforward. One of the reasons we became the most trusted name for removals in Chelmsford is the flawless and peerless track record we have for moving them. Over the years we’ve been tasked from moving all forms of pianos, ranging from priceless Steinways to old uprights that have a sentimental value which money just doesn’t cover. In each and every case we’ve proudly delivered the piano to its new home effectively.

When you’ve taken the decision to move, whether within or away from Chelmsford, we know that a priority is securing the best removals people possible. We’re very proud to tick that box. We make sure each and every item in your household is moved safe and sound, including your beloved piano.