We know that for our customers who are moving house in Chelmsford and other areas, one of their biggest concerns is moving their delicate items, such as china and glassware. However, when you are working with us you will have no such concerns. We can make sure that all objects are packed, loaded and unloaded properly, ensuring that they reach their new home in their original condition.

The key to moving china is to pack it very, very carefully, with appropriate packing materials used to cushion items during transportation. Each item should be wrapped individually so they will not come together when the boxes are moved, which could result in chipping or cracking. Gaps in-between items will be filled with additional packing materials to provide extra protection and prevent them from rattling around.

At TFM Removals we have a wealth of experience carrying out domestic removals and are able to deal with all kinds of items. We have packed and moved all kinds of china, glassware, antique furnishings and other delicate items for our clients over the years, and we always ensure it is handled and loaded professionally. We provide all packing materials and work with people moving house in Chelmsford, the South of England and further afield too. We uphold our standards of professionalism and quality at all times, giving our customers complete peace of mind no matter what kinds of objects we are moving.

To help determine the level of service you require, we can dispatch an experienced estimator to provide an accurate quote for you. This gives us the chance to find out which items you will be moving and get an idea of how many materials you will need, amongst other important details. Our service includes insurance and with our transparent pricing, you never have to worry about any hidden costs.