There are many items that people regularly put into storage. Usually, the reason for accessing storage facilities is a lack of space at home, or it may be the case that you have antique furniture and valuable items that you do not feel comfortable keeping in your house.

Technology is advancing all the time and people accumulate the latest in electrical equipment and devices every year. However, it can still be difficult to let go of beloved items such as a great pair of speakers and vinyl record players. Other household appliances such as freezers, refrigerators, bread makers, juicers and blenders account for a huge portion of storage items, alongside chairs, tables, sofas, mattresses and many other types of furniture.

If you are moving to a smaller place or you have furniture that you no longer need in your property but do not want to part with, then our premium storage offers the ideal solution. Alongside collecting your items and transporting them to our secure storage facility, we can also provide packing for individual furniture items and wrapping for mattresses.

If you run a business you will likely have a lot of important files, documents and invoices you wish to retain. We can store your professional paperwork and ensure it remains completely secure the whole time it is in storage.

These are just a few of the most popular items that are commonly placed into storage. We specialise in removals and storage for customers in Maldon and beyond, and we use dry, clean, highly secure containers to keep your possessions safe for as long as you need. We have been storing valuable items for a long time and offer the most dependable service at all times. We will provide you with a detailed estimate that includes the collection of your items, storage and redelivery, so you will be aware of your total costs from the beginning.

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